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my baby’s not breathing! | a living inspired story

EMTs go through intensive training and continuing education to help refine their knowledge and skills in order to safely transport their patients. But as this Living Inspired Story shows, having an EMT background can make a huge different in life or death situations.

the call that changed an EMT’s entire life | a living inspired story


why patient care matters, told by an emt | a living inspired story


living inspired series | emt helps with prom emergency

  EMTs, like all first responders, work on the front lines of communities across the country. You probably don’t even register the number of ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks you see on any given day, but they’re the invisible glue that keep our towns and cities safe.

living inspired series | emt in training & friends saves woman from shark attack

A group of six friends were playing Frisbee and thinking about surfing Saturday evening at San Onofre beach when they heard someone yelling “shark.”

living inspired series | domestic abuse survivor weds emt who saved her

Four years ago, Melissa Dohme got a phone call that turned her life upside down – for the worst and eventually the better.

living inspired series | “... but i was in a wedding dress.”

A picture of a bride responding to a car crash on her way to her wedding reception has garnered a lot of attention on social media - reported the NewsChannel5.

living inspired series | “the cost of a cake to save a life? that's well worth it”

FALL RIVER, Mass. — Dolores Miozza just wanted to get her daughter's birthday cake.

living inspired series | “you are the man who saved my life”

I live in a small community that boasts a population of almost 1,500 citizens. I moved my family there some 30 years ago so my daughters could enjoy living in where people genuinely care about each other.