living inspired series | emt helps with prom emergency


EMTs, like all first responders, work on the front lines of communities across the country. You probably don’t even register the number of ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks you see on any given day, but they’re the invisible glue that keep our towns and cities safe.

And for one teen, EMT Jared Bryer and his partner Mary Terrinoni from Pennsylvania Ambulance, were at the right place at the right time to jump in and respond to his “prom emergency”.

Getting help with his tie for prom.

“My heart was pretty full watching my partner step in to help him out. This is what it’s all about’” wrote Terrinoni in her Facebook caption.

It’s EMTs like Bryer who exemplify what it means to go beyond just doing a job and truly serving the community. Responding to those in need, whether it’s a true medical emergency or fashion emergency, is inspiring.

Especially when they’re so modest: “I felt fine,” Bryer said, “I haven’t tied a tie in a while.”

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