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Ambulnz Strategy to Increase Compensation for Frontline Responders

Instead of giving stock to its executive team, Ambulnz gave it to its frontline responders, and paired it with a novel push-to-request dispatch system

Arming EMTs

By Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO

A Bill To Rebuild The EMS Community

By Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO

Expect To See More Female EMTs

By: Stan Vashovsky, CEO of Ambulnz Over the past decade, multiple industries have made a collaborative effort to further women’s equality in the workforce, primarily by increasing women’s salaries to match male counterparts and active participation in female focused initiatives. For those who think this is “just a phase of a current social climate,” think again. Many studies present conclusive ...

Ambulnz Celebrates International Women’s Day

  March 8th is International Women’s Day. A day to honor the strength, passion, and ingenuity of the women in our lives, whether they’re a mother, sister, daughter, significant other, friend, or coworker. We’re joining the celebration by highlighting just a handful of the many incredible women right here at Ambulnz.

Building A Culture of Care: What Our Industry Can Learn

By: Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO As we’ve created Ambulnz from the ground up this year, I thought a lot about the kind of company I want us to be, and I always came back to one overriding thought: we need to become united as a company – and as an industry – around a culture of care.

Ambulance Services Must Become Partners in Patient Care

By: Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO While everyone in non-emergency medical transportation should agree the patient is our first priority, the interesting thing about what we do is that our direct customers are really the caregivers with whom we share patient responsibility.

EMTs Empowered To Care For Others

By: Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO We founded Ambulnz on the proposition that changing the non-emergency medical transport industry requires changing the landscape for the EMTs at the heart of it.

A Brighter Future For Non-Emergency Care

By: Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO At Ambulnz, we have experienced and studied the underlying issues that have held back NEMT for years. We are not willing to look at how things are now and say “why.” We are envisioning how things could be vastly better and are saying “Why not.”