how to give thanks to the emt in your life

Being an EMT can be a thankless job. Long hours. Stressful circumstances. Getting covered in substances no one should be covered with. Most of us wouldn’t last a week in those conditions, but for EMTs—they live for it. So for this Thanksgiving, we made this guide to show the EMT in your life how thankful you are for all they do for you and those they care for.

1. If they’re working, pack them a huge Thanksgiving to-go meal

2. If they’re not working, let ‘em sleep in

3. Wake them up with their favorite coffee

4. Let them tell you that super disgusting story

5. Get the blood stain out of their favorite work shirt

6. Offer to drive them around for a change

7. Invite their partner to Thanksgiving dinner

8. Fill an IV bag with gravy

9. Find that Black Friday sale for their favorite Tactical Boots

10. Keep your hypochondria to yourself for a day

11. See if they can name all the organs you remove from the turkey

12. Don’t ask them to assemble your Turducken

13. Don’t get hurt and force them to do their job