8 of the very best nicknames for our rigs

We’re not like any other EMT company out there, so we made sure our rigs aren’t like anything else on the road. Our ambulances were designed with a patient’s comfort in mind. Instead of the sterile and stark white rigs everyone knows, we went with a sunny, light blue to be less intimidating.

After all, we are from California—so whether we’re crawling down the 405 or dodging yellow cabs, we wanted to bring that laid back attitude everywhere we go.

Being so different also means our EMTs have come up with quite a few nicknames for their rigs:

1. Big Blue Boo Boo Bus


2. Blueberry

3. The Cyanosis Truck

4. Smurf Mobile

5. Big Blue

6. Blue Bird

7. Cookie Monster

8. Cobalt Assault