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Laboring Through Weather Problems

  Recently, I read a story about a couple that got pulled over by the North Carolina High Way Patrol for speeding. It turned out the reason for the speeding was the wife going into labor. When the Highway Patrol assessed the situation, they all agreed they were too far away from the hospital… so, it was EMTs who were called in and came to the rescue a short time later. They delivered the baby ...

Flu Shot Or Not?

By Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO Cold weather, stuffy noses, and “working from home” emails are the first signs, flu season is here. So, the great debate begins, do you get a flu shot or not? The majority of the medical community agrees, you should get a flu shot once a year. According to the CDC, “The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine for just about everyone 6 months and older, even when the ...

Registered Nurses - Providing Exceptional Care in EMS

  The EMS industry is more diverse than you think. While it’s true EMTs are the heart of the industry, there are circumstances where different skills and expertise are needed, especially when a patient is in critical condition. This is where Registered Nurses (RN) come in.

Surviving Flu Season

  We probably don’t have to tell you that it’s flu season. If you don’t know at least one friend, family member, or coworker who has got it, you probably live in a cave and don’t need to read this. But for everyone else, read on.

How Disruptions Can Lead To Better Patient Care

By: Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO The word “disruption” tends to have a negative connotation. But it doesn’t have to. You probably didn’t shed tears over your CDs when you got your first iPod. Thought fondly about your encyclopedias after you first used Google. Or reflected on all those great yellow taxi rides while ordering your first Uber. All of these are examples of big disruptions that ...

the start of a happy, and healthy, movement

  Finding a meaningful job that gets you jumping out of bed each and every morning is easier said than done. I consider myself lucky to be doing what I love everyday: working to provide care for other people. For many in the EMT industry, they are also working their dream job, saving lives and having a lasting impact on every patient they treat. But there are times the industry doesn’t quite live ...

We Must Remain Focused On Patient Care

 By: Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO We are scarcely into the new year and are already seeing a national debate over the future of healthcare as the U.S. Congress and the incoming presidential administration consider changes to the Affordable Care Act. Just as the passage and implementation of the ACA caused waves of change that directly impacted our industry, I am sure any changes to the act will ...

Improving The Patient Experience Is Vital To Patient Satisfaction

By: Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO In the previous blog post, I discussed how we medical transportation services providers must become better partners with caregivers. Today, I’d like to discuss why this is so important from the patient’s perspective.

Ambulance Services Must Become Partners in Patient Care

By: Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO While everyone in non-emergency medical transportation should agree the patient is our first priority, the interesting thing about what we do is that our direct customers are really the caregivers with whom we share patient responsibility.

A Brighter Future For Non-Emergency Care

By: Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO At Ambulnz, we have experienced and studied the underlying issues that have held back NEMT for years. We are not willing to look at how things are now and say “why.” We are envisioning how things could be vastly better and are saying “Why not.”