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Three Apps Every EMT Needs

 The Ambulnz Team Our EMTs are on the road all day, responding to urgent, life-threatening calls and performing critical medical transportation duties. They are so focused and dedicated on providing every patient with quality care and attention, they often forget about their own. Here are three apps our EMTs use to help maintain balance between their personal and professional lives.

teaming up with the boys & girls club of america for thanksgiving

how to give thanks to the emt in your life

Being an EMT can be a thankless job. Long hours. Stressful circumstances. Getting covered in substances no one should be covered with. Most of us wouldn’t last a week in those conditions, but for EMTs—they live for it. So for this Thanksgiving, we made this guide to show the EMT in your life how thankful you are for all they do for you and those they care for.

8 of the very best nicknames for our rigs

We’re not like any other EMT company out there, so we made sure our rigs aren’t like anything else on the road. Our ambulances were designed with a patient’s comfort in mind. Instead of the sterile and stark white rigs everyone knows, we went with a sunny, light blue to be less intimidating. After all, we are from California—so whether we’re crawling down the 405 or dodging yellow cabs, we wanted ...

being an emt is not a 9-5, white collar job

This week is National EMS Appreciation Week. Our EMTs, and all EMS professionals deserve our respect and appreciation for all the hard work and dedication they give to the community. While no two EMTs experiences are the same, this is a peek inside the real world of one of our EMTs, Sal F..