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Inspiring Teamwork, From On The Court To In A Rig

This past week at our Carson Station, our newest group of EMTs got a surprise visitor while they were training: the one and only A.C. Green, aka NBA’s Iron Man.  A.C. stopped by to share his secrets on how to become, and remain, successful in your career, no matter the path you’ve chosen. Hard work and dedication are irreplaceable qualities, and being reminded by the NBA’s own Iron Man helped ...

Surviving Flu Season

  We probably don’t have to tell you that it’s flu season. If you don’t know at least one friend, family member, or coworker who has got it, you probably live in a cave and don’t need to read this. But for everyone else, read on.

a new approach to new year resolutions

For many, a new year means a fresh start. Setting new goals and new resolutions. You may have set a few of your own. You definitely saw your fair share of other people’s on social media. Working to better yourself is a worthy endeavor, whether you’re inspired by the new year or not. But the important thing is not setting the goals, it’s if you follow through and complete them. Jen Miller at the ...

What if Santa was also an EMT?

You can’t say the thought hasn’t crossed your mind. “What if that allusive man in red had a day job?” And not just any job, but worked as an EMT.

my baby’s not breathing! | a living inspired story

EMTs go through intensive training and continuing education to help refine their knowledge and skills in order to safely transport their patients. But as this Living Inspired Story shows, having an EMT background can make a huge different in life or death situations.

teaming up with the boys & girls club of america for thanksgiving

how to give thanks to the emt in your life

Being an EMT can be a thankless job. Long hours. Stressful circumstances. Getting covered in substances no one should be covered with. Most of us wouldn’t last a week in those conditions, but for EMTs—they live for it. So for this Thanksgiving, we made this guide to show the EMT in your life how thankful you are for all they do for you and those they care for.

8 of the very best nicknames for our rigs

We’re not like any other EMT company out there, so we made sure our rigs aren’t like anything else on the road. Our ambulances were designed with a patient’s comfort in mind. Instead of the sterile and stark white rigs everyone knows, we went with a sunny, light blue to be less intimidating. After all, we are from California—so whether we’re crawling down the 405 or dodging yellow cabs, we wanted ...

The Ultimate List of EMT Driving Tips

  The recent and unfortunate loss of dedicated EMTs to traffic accidents is a reminder to everyone in our industry that driving safely is extremely important. The reality is, whether you’re in an ambulance or a regular vehicle, there is an inherent risk involved in driving. We’ve outlined some of the most important steps you can take to make sure you, your patient, and those around you arrive to ...

the call that changed an EMT’s entire life | a living inspired story


How Disruptions Can Lead To Better Patient Care

By: Stan Vashovsky, Ambulnz CEO The word “disruption” tends to have a negative connotation. But it doesn’t have to. You probably didn’t shed tears over your CDs when you got your first iPod. Thought fondly about your encyclopedias after you first used Google. Or reflected on all those great yellow taxi rides while ordering your first Uber. All of these are examples of big disruptions that ...

why patient care matters, told by an emt | a living inspired story