Ambulnz Celebrates International Women’s Day


March 8th is International Women’s Day. A day to honor the strength, passion, and ingenuity of the women in our lives, whether they’re a mother, sister, daughter, significant other, friend, or coworker. We’re joining the celebration by highlighting just a handful of the many incredible women right here at Ambulnz.

In 2015, men made up nearly 70% of the EMT and Paramedic workforce according to the US Census Bureau. This disparity has many effects, a major one being pay—with the average salary for men being over $10,000 more a year than the average for women. Thankfully, the overall trend is showing more women are joining, but the industry still has a ways to go towards gender parity, and equal pay.

At Ambulnz, we use a business model that ensures all our EMTs have the same potential for earning. Our innovative, performance-based compensation system actively encourages our EMTs, women and men, to dedicate themselves to their work and treat their job like a career. Taking responsibility for their performance and seeing how hard work and passion can pay off.

Being an Emergency Medical Technician is not an easy job. The hours, the stress, the physical demands. But the women EMTs, Paramedics, and RNs of Ambulnz would call that an easy day. Because contrary to belief, performing a job with physical or emotional demands can be done by women too. “Women can absolutely do what men can and I would say to any woman to not let any man tell you that you can’t do what they can because that is absolutely not true.” says one of our EMTs,  Jessica H.

While EMTs make up the heart of Ambulnz, we’re so much more than that. We have women achieving amazing things at every level and department. Dispatchers, Station Supervisors, Directors, Software Developers, and Executives—all of ‘em are empowered and helping to build a truly unique and different company in the field of medical technology.

The women on our tech team are defying the male-dominated tech industry by solving complex problems and helping to build the very technology our platform is based on. One of our QA Engineers, Jessica H., says her experience has factored into her work every single day: “Ambulnz has been incredibly supportive of my desire for growth. I have felt acknowledged, prioritized, and heard which makes it so gratifying to come to work and help build the Ambulnz vision!”.

As we grow, it’s important that values like equality and respect are maintained and fostered at every level. And we have team members that believe in that goal. Our VP of Human Resources, Perri J., sees the importance this kind of environment is for a company. “I am proud to say that I work for Ambulnz and I have never given a thought as to my gender in workplace, which is a tribute to an all inclusive culture that is interested in promoting and recognizing talent and respect for all.”

So today, it’s not about raising women up above men. It’s raising them up so we’re all equal. Empowering women at our company, and the world to not settle. To not accept the status quo. To simply say to all those who think something is a “man’s job”, to “please be quiet so I can save your life.”